188 Seconds with…

Studio 188 is Ipswich’s premier live music and performing arts development venue, right in the heart of the Ipswich CBD.  Our mission during COVID-19 is to keep you as connected as possible to some of the talented artists that call Ipswich home.

We’ve developed this weekly interview series, giving you a bite sized introduction to some of these artists – an interview lasting just 188 seconds, followed by a performance.

A new episode will be released each Wednesday.  Stay tuned to find out who will join us for 188 Seconds with…

Episode 1: 188 Seconds with Annie at the Helm

Release Date – Wednesday 29 April at 7pm.

Annie at the Helm is the new project for Indie Folk Pop songstress, Sarah Hogan, who proves that raw talent and honest songwriting is alive and well. ‘The River’ is the first single to drop from the upcoming debut EP ‘Waters of Love’, and is currently available on all major streaming services. Annie at the Helm will steer you along the tides and emotions, so keep your eyes and ears out, this songstress will captivate you.

Episode 2: 188 Seconds with Wild Eyed Wonder

Release Date – Wednesday 6 May at 7pm.

In three short years since her first appearance as Wild Eyed Wonder, singer/songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist, Dee Bradbery has already made major strides in her professional music career. If her bubbly personality isn’t enough to get you up and dancing, her catchy pop tunes sure will.

Episode 3: 188 Seconds with Clayton Francis

Release Date – Wednesday 13 May at 7pm.

After writing music for other projects including Until Home and ZACHARY, Clayton knew it was time to step out into the light as a solo artist. Clayton self-produces all of his music allowing for an honest, more intimate connection with each song. Clayton’s music has also amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify with radio play all over the world.

Episode 4: 188 Seconds with Paulina

Release Date – Wednesday 20 May at 7pm.

German born, 15 year old Paulina Schuemann, moved to Ipswich at the age of two, and considers herself more Australian than German. By inheriting the love of old school artists such as The Beatles, Tracy Chapman and Crowded House from her parents and combining that with a love of current artists including Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Adele. She dreams of one day sharing her passion and love through music with as many people as possible.

Episode 5: 188 Seconds with Brooke Austen

Release Date – Wednesday 27 May at 7pm.

Brooke Austen writes to understand; finding words through music comes much easier than doing so in conversation (or inside her own head, where she ends up most of the time). Hailing from Central Queensland, the now Ipswich based artist has been bounding through the local music scene for the last couple years. Her debut single ‘Ghosts’ is available everywhere to wrap your ears around.

Episode 6: 188 Seconds with Taylor Wilton

Release Date – Wednesday 3rd June at 7pm.

Taylor Wilton is inspired by new and old music, her bluesy voice and quirky lyrics played on guitar and ukulele, make for a sweet sound for an all aged audience. Her debut EP ‘A Word of Advices’, released in 2019, is available on all major streaming services.

Episode 7: 188 Seconds with ACEKAYS

Release Date – Wednesday 10th June at 7pm.

ACEKAYS is an Ipswich-based artist with a mission to create lush sounds for lovers of music to wrap their ears, hearts and souls around, transforming her acoustic concepts into a world of indie-pop and groovy vibes. Inspired by the likes of Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish, BENEE and Jack River, ACEKAYS is definitely a local artist to keep a close eye on.

Episode 8: 188 Seconds with Carla Thursday

Release Date – Wednesday 24th June at 7pm.

Carla Thursday is an Ipswich-based multi-instrumentalist who pairs her distinctive Australian lisp with joyous, piano-based alt-pop she produces in her living room. Touching on themes from childhood and dreams, Carla’s lyrics toy with the mystical and the deeply real. Her sophomore single NYE was one of the ten Queensland Finalists in the Listen Out National Songwriting Competition in 2019 and was released on December 19th, 2019. NYE is available through all digital streaming services and stores.

Episode 9: 188 Seconds with Kim Wright

Release Date – Wednesday 8th July at 7pm.

Ipswich singer-songwriter Kim Wright is aiming to continue the sound of country pioneers including George Jones, Merle Haggard and George Strait in his music. Country music has always been the genre closest to Kim’s heart, having grown up on it, appreciating the storytelling nature of the form and that everyone can relate to the experiences sung about in a country song.

Episode 10: 188 Seconds with Jarrad Wrigley

Release Date – Wednesday 22nd July at 7pm.

Jarrad Wrigley is a local aspiring singer-songwriter who’s music is a combination of Country/Folk. In August of 2019, Jarrad decided to unleash his creative potential and participate in Ipswich City Council’s Protege Master Classes songwriting workshop in collaboration with the I Heart Songwriting Club. Since then, Jarrad has written many songs including ‘Purple Flames’ and ‘If I Could Fly’. He wowed everyone at the workshop and was later featured on ABC Radio. Jarrad is an emerging Ipswich artist to keep your eyes on.