Ipswich Unearthed

at Studio 188, Ipswich


Saturday 15 June 2019


188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD


Pre-purchased Ticket $15.00
Purchased at the door $15.00


8:00 pm – 10:00 pm


(07) 3810 6100

Ipswich Unearthed celebrates young, emerging musical talent from Ipswich. Discover the next pop sensation, rock legend, country superstar or singing-song writing prodigy.

This June, Ipswich Unearthed is starring local artists…

Katherine Viney
Sam Austen-Wilkins
Ava Ungermann


Fleur’s love for music grew from quite a young age. With her style of music floating between ambient and folk/indie she has constantly been inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchel, Supertramp and Lana del Ray. For Fleur, music helps her escape from the monotonous routine of reality and lets her enter a realm of creation. Combining her art and music into one single project was a natural shift, she likes to paint visual representations of her music and at times her paintings inspire her to write new songs During the song writing process she breathes an air of nostalgia into her music. Her beautifully crafted melodic melodies intertwine with stories from all aspects of her life to take you on a familiar yet somehow otherworldly journey.

Katherine Viney

With nothing but an orange guitar to hide behind, Katherine’s sound is a concoction of alternative pop, modern folk and something a bit funky. From humble beginnings as a back-up vocalist and supporting artist, she is taking her first tentative steps into a creative sound of her own. Her background stems far deeper into the creative realm than just music. Primarily as a visual artist, designer, and photographer; it’s unlikely you’ll find a creative avenue she has left untapped. Her imagination lends itself nicely to creating a unique sound in both her reinvented cover version and original tracks. She endeavours to release her own music in the coming year.

Sam Austen-Wilkins

Sam is a seventeen year old artist who’s goal is to reach out and impact people through sound. He’s inspired by various artists such as Jeremy Zucker, Eden, Khalid and NF in the genres of indie, pop and hip hop and use this to find and create his own sound. Going through teenage heartbreaks and just being lost after finishing school had lead him to write charged lyrics and impactful soundtracks for people to relate too. His music is literally a poetic access into his mind.

Ava Ungermann

Ava Ungermann is a local 11 year old St Joseph’s student who has been learning Guitar for over a year. In 2018, she entered a competition last year to play at the Ipswich Civic Centre Guitar specular along side International professionals and she won. Ava is looking to build up her on-stage confidence by performing in front of friends of studio 188.