MusiQue Concert One


Friday 14 July


188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD


All Tickets $15.00


8:00 pm – 10:30 pm


(07) 3810 6100

MusiQue is a group of musicians and vocalists who have enjoyed getting together once a week to create music and improve their performance skills. Ipswich has been the geographical centre or hub and participants have come from the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Brisbane to be involved. Some have also been to an event in the Majestic Theatre in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast.

Its only natural that as the talent is uncovered and skills are gained, a proper public audience is needed to complete this very uplifting activity and that is why MusiQue Concert One has come into being. Since the main motivation is to share a memorable experience with other lovers of live music, the ticket price has been kept minimal to cover costs and $15 for over two hours of fabulous music and song created by thirty gifted artists is exceptional value. We aimed at keeping it affordable for everyone, because the whole concept is a community spirited idea.

The concert music will be new arrangements of well known hits and excellent original compositions with potential for radio air play, penned and performed by young people destined to become icons of the future. The lucky audience is going to be part of a new memorable musical era for our region. The MusiQue Performance Collective includes mature aged, experienced music industry professionals and the sharing of stage craft with new talent via a friendly down to earth attitude is just one of the reasons why this will be an excellent concert with very high standards.

On the bill we have two young solo vocalists:- MADDISON APILO and INDIA DUPRIEZ plus young vocal trio SWEET FUSION and together with musician/singer/songwriter CHRISTOPHER YATES completes the list of acts to appear during changeovers of the five bands, STARK DRIVE, OPPOSITE ENDS, SIREN, ROCK BANDITS and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. These superb artists will charm, uplift, and share enjoyment with their audience and words such as ‘astounding’, ‘incredible’ and even ‘I love you’ will not be out of place by the end of the night.