MusiQue Concert Two

at Studio 188 Ipswich


Saturday 24 March


188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD


Pre-Sale Ticket $12.00 – Closed
Door Sale Ticket $15.00


8.00 pm – 10:20 pm


(07) 3810 6100

Enjoy the MusiQue Concert Two in Ipswich for another year, as they bring you a brilliant group of artists and performers for a night of live music, at Studio 188 Ipswich.

Don Petterson is our South East Queensland answer to Elton John and Billy Joel rolled into one and all the gang from the Sunday night jams at Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich just love him.

India Dupreiz and Vivica Camryn are young female vocalists who can deliver classic hits just as.well if not better than almost any international Diva you can think of. On Saturday March 24 they will be putting Ipswich on the world music map with their performance magic and they will be backed by a project band of highly accomplished musicians, Sherree Newton, Steve Ludkin, Scott Jones, Alejandro Osorio, Brent Moorefield and Andizon, who have generously taken the night off from doing their own professional gigs to support this show.

VisioNZ are a very popular local duo, originally from New Zealand there sound is organic and genuine – no computer, YouTube karaoke tracks or auto tune needed here. Its music performed as it should be and they are now much loved by their multitudes of fans in the pub and club scene.

Rock Bandits have become even more of a band in demand since their appearance in MC1 and never fail to recreate the live concert vibe of the huge artists they cover so well. Guitar virtuosity is only matched by a killer bass and a stadium standard drums with superb vocals to match.

Maddie Rae is a special young female performer with a voice that transcends time and her age. Hearing her live yourself via the high quality audio production of Studio 188 is the only way to believe the mega compliments regarding the true natural quality of her voice. In MusiQue Concert Two she will be accompanied instrumentally by the ‘Mexican Amigos’, namely: Milton Walit, Andizon and Alejandro Osorio.

Minesweeper are potentially the idols of music and dance loving young ladies from all over the place not just the small country town of their home. These four handsome young rock stars in the making are also admired by males of all ages for their stage skill, song writing, vocal ability, musicianship and choice of genre. They will undoubtedly bring this concert to the fabulous climax that we are keen to be a part of and to take great memories away.

Enjoy this live concert with an intimate and brilliant acoustic venue, at Studio 188 Ipswich.