Ipswich Unearthed

Featuring ACEKAYS, Amy Elise, Hannah Marie and Unbranded


Saturday 6 April 2019


188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD


All Tickets $15.00


8.00 pm – 10:00 pm


(07) 3810 6100

Join this musical journey of discovery as we unearth young emerging musical talent destined to become Australia’s next pop sensation, country rock legend or acoustic singer-songwriter.

ACEKAYS has a mission to create lush sounds for lovers of music to wrap their ears, hearts and souls around, transforming her acoustic concepts into a world of electro-pop and groovy vibes. ACEKAYS is the project of 22-year-old Kaysei Galea from Ipswich, Queensland and her project was born after experiencing a myriad of spiritual realisations at the hand of live music performances and festivals. The soul-moving moments and unwavering unity that music inspires is something she longs to recreate with her own funky twist. Seeking inspiration from the likes of pop queens Maggie Rogers and Billie Eilish, ACEKAYS finds satisfaction in the use of full-sounding synths, hypnotic harmonies and driving percussion, always keeping in sight her end goal of moving her audience both physically and emotionally.

ACEKAYS has been a keen participant in local artist meet ups and workshops, such as Industry Connect Ipswich and Little BIGSOUND Brisbane, as she believes it is important to begin with a knowledgeable foundation to build her art upon. 2019 sees ACEKAYS acquiring more highly valuable performance experience before beginning work on her first EP in the second half of the year.

Amy Elise at 14 years old is a singer/songwriter with a powerful voice and musicianship beyond her years. Building her skill and experience for many years through singing lessons, eisteddfods, open mic, busking, school and community events, and jamming with friends, Amy was recently selected to travel with Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts to the famous Blackbird Studios in Nashville to write and record.  Amy has since built her skills as a songwriter, and has recently recorded a few originals, and is now broadening her performance experience. Her favourite genre is Alternative Rock/ Punk Pop, but she is versatile and diverse, and also enjoys Country Music.

Hannah Marie is a 18 year old singer/songwriter rising in Australian pop country music. Having already performed at some of the largest country festivals in Australia, (Gympie Muster & Tamworth Country Music Festival) the future looks bright for Hannah. When not performing shows, Hannah is an avid songwriter. This much is clear after releasing her debut album ‘Such is Life’ in May 2017 to great acclaim of the country audience. These songs can already be heard Australia-wide across many radio stations. She was also the winner of the EKKA country music showdown 2017. HannahMarie has continued gigging all around Brisbane/Ipswich region at venues such as Australia’s #1 Country Rock Saloon Johnny Ringo’s, KeeBar, East Street and many private gigs.

Unbranded are an exciting new family trio recently hitting the stage. Their impact on audiences through quality performances of contemporary country rock, ballads and timeless popular rock anthems, from everyone’s favourite eras, has seen this band in demand at Shows, Private Parties and Corporate Events.