Spencer Wilson Trio for Groove & Grape, at Studio 188 Ipswich

Spencer Wilson Trio

Groove & Grape, at Studio 188 Ipswich


Friday 3 May


188 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD


Ticket Only $25.00
Ticket & Cheese Platter* $33.50
Table (of 4) $72.00
Table & Cheese Platters* (4) $106.00


8.00 pm – 10:00 pm


(07) 3810 6100

The Spencer Wilson Trio featuring Spencer Wilson (guitar), Bede Prince (bass), and Dom Machen (drums) formed at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, where all three artists are currently studying. They seek to entertain by presenting a dynamic and communicative performance of Jazz based music, including material of well known Jazz standards alongside more modern tunes written by the Jazz giants of today. They love to explore original compositional work also. The Trio is influenced by groups such as Speedball, The Bill Evans Trio, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, and Wes Montgomery for their use of dynamics and varying texture. Space, rest and unspoken communication are concepts the group seeks to explore within their music, with the goal of developing stories, and emotions.

Spencer Wilson

Spencer Wilson found a love for Jazz 2 years ago when he first heard John Coltrane play My Favourite Things. Since then, Spencer has found himself being most impacted by Chet Baker, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis and Christian Scott. He has found these artists to influence him through their use of melodic lines and space to create a story through their solos as well as their approaches to harmony. Christian Scott’s compositions have been especially influential in Spencer’s pathway of creating his own originals; of which he seeks to perform within this trio.

Bede Prince
Bede Prince is currently an electric and upright bassist student at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. He has studied with Patrick Farrel and Sam Vincent and has played in numerous ensembles led and tutored by, John Hoffman, Jose McLaughlin, Stephen Newcombe, and James Sandon.  Bede is influenced by the music of Christian McBride, Scott LaFaro, Chet Baker, Neils-Henning Ørsted Pederson and Jaco Pastorius. In the Spencer Wilson Trio, Bede seeks to explore and experiment with improvisation and accompaniment techniques such as harmonic and rhythmic tensions, laying back and dropping out to create new textures.

Dom Machen 
Dom Machen, currently studying jazz drums at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, draws on a more modern approach to jazz drumming. Inspired by the range of textural and dynamic possibilities on his instrument, he strives to achieve an effective but unique style to supporting an ensemble. He has been under the tuition of John Parker for the past three years, and has played in ensembles led by Steve Newcomb, James Sandon, and Jeff Usher. He cites his five main drumming influences as the current revolutionaries; Eric Harland, Mark Guiliana, and Jeff Tain-Watts. Alongside all-time jazz monoliths; Roy Haynes and Tony Williams.

*Cheese Platters are available for pre-purchase only. Pre-purchase ticket bookings will close 12.00 pm on the day of the performance.